If you are a seller of optics (telescopes, binoculars), video or photography equipment, nature clothing and accessories, portable hides, etc. you can hire a haima in Zone C and choose among the following sizes:

Haima 5×5

Haima 4×4

Haima 3×3


  • All haimas overlook the neighboring lagoons where birds are and are equipped with the following:
    • Wooden platform
    • 220V power supply
    • Illumination point
    • Sign (30 characters maximum)
    • 1 table (200 x 80) and 2 chairs
  • In addition, the hiring of a haima includes:
    • 8 free entrance tickets maximum (includes stand personnel)
    • 1 vehicle pass to a park zone near the exhibition zone.
    • Invitation to the welcoming refreshment for exhibitors on Friday 21st at 21:30 at the Hotel Mediterrani Blau.
    • 10% discount in the Hotel Mediterrani Blau, subject to availability.
    • Optional 30 minute session in the presentations room to present or show products or services. Limited availability by strict order of requests.
    • Mention, summary and link on the website and the programme

Follow these three steps to hire:

  1. Download the haima hiring form
  2. Fill in the information requested
  3. Return the request

If you want additional furniture, click here Request additional furniture