You don’t know how to start birding? You just need tot take flight!

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noticia-emprenelvolThe DBF is not intended only for dedicated birders, also those who have never or almost never gone birding have the opportunity to take a walk with an expert birder to learn how to watch and identify birds.

The Take Flight tours, sponsored by the Museum of Natural Science of Barcelona, consist of a guided tour lasting one hour and a half around the Festival grounds, in the Tancada lagoon. Here you can watch a representative sample of the waterbirds of the Delta, including several species of seagulls, terns, a variety of waders and, of course, the handsome flamingos.

The guides, expert ornithologists of the Catalan Ornithological Institute, will look for birds in the mudflats and will teach how they identify birds. A telescope will be used to see birds up close but it is strongly recommended that you bring your own binoculars as well.

With this first insight you’ll start getting introduced in the secrets of a world that raises a passion in all those who try it.

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