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7G5A7741Are you coming with kids at DBF?

That’s great because they are going to enjoy it a lot! The Agents Rurals, the Gepec and the ornithological association Picampall, have prepared some workshops to for the whole family to make them learn and have a lot of fun.

The Agents Rurals will explain us what do we have to do when we find an injured bird and they have also prepared a gymkhana to learn how to identify some animals by their footprints.

The Gepec has organized 6 games were the kids will learn how to identify some by the group where they belong, their silhouette, visual identification, their morphology and their sound. Don’t miss this activity on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

At last, the ornithological association Picampall, will make again the successful workshop “Egagrópiles deltaiques“, where you are going to learn what some birds eat analysing its regurgitations.

Author: Ricard Losarcos