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For the past year, at the web of rarities and ornithology topics RESERVOIR BIRDS, with the sponsorship of ZEISS, a difficult but fun Identification Contest is developed. This is a test in which the participants have tried to identify each month the species shown in series of 4 images published on the RESERVOIR BIRDS website, on the first day of each month. The correct identification of the species of an image gives one point to the participant. The participant who obtains the highest score will be the winner of the test and will win a fantastic ZEISS Conquest HD 10×42 binocular whose price exceeds € 1,000.

This September is the last round corresponding to this First Edition of the ZEISS – RESERVOIR BIRDS Contest and on this occasion, to allow the announcement of the results at the Delta Birding Festival 2018, to be held between the 21st and 23rd of September in the Delta de l’Ebre, will have as date / time limit of answers on September 21st /23: 59: 59.

And on Saturday 22nd , at one o’clock, on the terrace of the building of the Mirador 360ª of Món Natura Delta where the DELTA BIRDING FESTIVAL is celebrated, the heads of the RESERVOIR BIRDS website and the representatives of the ZEISS brand will announce the winner of the contest and they will make the act of handing over the binoculars to the winner, in person if he attends the festival, or virtually if he cannot be there!

Author: Ricard Losarcos