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Gorka Gorospe Dendrocopos_leucotos_GGThe White-backed woodpecker is a woodpecker with an enormous distribution range in the Paleartic, occupying immense areas of Russia to the Kamchatka Gorka Gorospe 2jpgpeninsula, however, its distribution in Western Europe is scarce, with the forest of Irati, in Navarra, as one of the few spots in the Iberian Peninsula where it can be found. It is, thus, a rare and difficult bird for us.

Fortunately, at the DBF we are going to have Gorka Gorospe, a bird guide who will talk about the status of the populations of White-backed woodpecker in Iberia and will offer clues and advice about how to find this shy bird in the shady beech forests of Navarra. Many birders visit Navarra with this bird in mind and here you’ll have the opportunity to know how and where to look for it.

Author: Ricard Losarcos