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When there is news about a rare bird, many birders rush to get a view of it. The lure of a bird that you don’t usually find near you is difficult to resist but not all birders ask themselves what that bird’s doing or just assume that it has been driven off course by the winds or its compass has “malfunctioned”.

In his talk, “Rare birds or messengers of global biogeographic changes”, Ricard Gutiérrez casts a particular view on this and analyzes what’s behind the occurrence of some species that show up apparently for no reason. Some birds are probably traveling to places different than their usual distribution areas as a result of climate change effects or environmental problems that affect them. By reviewing the records of rare raptors in Spain, Ricard will demonstrate that we must also keep a scientific eye on rare birds, beyond the anecdote and fun of finding an unusual, cute bird.

Author: Ricard Losarcos