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_JMF5321When we want to see the beauty of the nature and the birds, we often watch photographs, but there’s a different and more personal way to do it: thanks to nature artists’ job. At DBF we will count with the presence of five nature artists that show the different ways of observe nature.

In one hand, Mira al Pajariko is an illustration and nature art project of birds. They do illustrations using watercolor, engraving, oil painting and acrylic. The project “Papel y Plumas” of Nacho Sevilla, is an exhibition pictures related to the world of birds using different techniques (watercolour, oil painting, inks, charcoals, pencil…).

Lucía Gómez Serra, presents his project “Ala de arce“. She is devoted to scientific and nature illustration. She gives courses and workshops on this area. Paco Ventura is an Aragonese sculptor who is in love with the natural world. He matched his passion with his abilities to obtain extraordinary results. Finally, Plego will show their fantastic 3D figures made from separate pieces of paper are folded and glued until they form a surprising bird.

Author: Ricard Losarcos