Do you want to collaborate with the Delta Birding Festival?

The DBF requires that a lot of people help to accommodate, direct and organize the visitors that we expect to have. Festival organizers have limited resources to carry on this task and, that’s why we ask for the collaboration of people who are willing to help us out as volunteers. Volunteer main work will be that of making sure that visitors are welcomed appropriately to the festival, organize the parking lot, help out in the stands of the organizers and, all in all, help the DBF to be a pleasant experience to all those who participate.

What does the volunteer receives in exchange?

Volunteers will have free entry to the festival for the three days in exchange to their compromise to collaborate for a shift (one morning or afternoon). In addition, he/she will have the opportunity to interact closely with the special guests, exhibitors and organizers of the festival.
Volunteers who take on two shifts of work will receive, apart from free entry, a free ticket for the menu of that day.

What kind of person do we need?

Enthusiast and motivated
Nice in dealing with the public
Punctual and a person that can be relied on for executing tasks

How to enroll?

You can easily enroll as a volunteer fill in this form. If you have any doubts, contact us by phone: 93 458 78 93

Please, indicate what languages you can speak, especially Catalan, Spanish and English.

We count on you!