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Vincent BretagnolleWe know all the birds we can easily see in the marshlands, in the mountain, in the desert, in the shores, but… What do we know about the birds we can’t see from land? What do we know about birds that live in the sea? They are very particular birds that spend most of their life flying over seas and oceans, that’s why they are one of the most unknown families to the most inexperienced birders.

Luckily in DBF16 we count on the presence of an expert in this field. Vincent Bretagnolle, together with Hadoram Shirihai, has been working in the last 12 years in a major review of all tubenoses of the world. In his talk he is going to talk about his “Albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters of the world: a handbook to their taxonomy, identification, ecology and conservation”. About 2000 pictures and nearly 100 draws will be needed to complete it and it’s going to appear in 2020.

Vincent Bretagnolle works at the Biological Studies Centre of Chizé, that’s part of the National Center for Scientific Research of France, most well-known for their work on seabirds of the world. Vincent has been working on petrels and shearwaters all across the world in the past 20 years and has published nearly 70 papers on seabirds.

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