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TimAppleton1Tim Appleton, director and co-founder of the world’s leading bird fair, the UK Birdfair, In addition to participating throughout the weekend in the activities of the Delta Birding Festival, on Sunday morning will give us a talk on the main achievements that the UK Birdfair has achieved in its almost 30 editions. First and what is probably most motivating for the Birdfair, are the achievements in conservation issues.

Secondly, this type of event, such as the Delta Birding Festival itself and many others, are fundamental to make the activity of birdwatching or birding, more popular and important in our society.

And third, what is crucial at the Birdfair and relevant at a global level, that has been considered the most important commercial event of products and services related to the activity of birdwatching.

Surely Tim Appleton’s experience will be a stimulus to encourage the people and companies participating in the DBF to believe in this type of events as one of the best ways to make more important the observation of birds in our country and all what this supposes for the conservation of our environment but also to grow our still small commercial sector and related services.

Author: Ricard Losarcos