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In the last 5 years, the DBF has collected more than 20.000€ to give them to investigation and conservation projects like the European Bird Breed Atlas and studies about the European Dove. Until now, the organizers of the festival were the ones that decide to which project the money were given, but from this year, the visitors will be the ones to have the last word.


There will be a call for projects of one of the next areas:

  1. Scientific studies about the ecology or the biology of threaten bird species, declining species or species with not enough information to know what its conservation status is.
  2. Specific conservation projects of threaten bird species or declining species.
  3. Projects and studies about problems that affect birds or their habitats.

Between all the presented projects, the DBF organization will select 3 to 5 finalist projects.

The visitors of the festival will know all the information of each project, will be able to attend their speech and will be able to vote their favourite.

Finally, the last day of the festival, we will know the name of the winner. The prize will consist in the profits earned and in all cases will be at least 2000€.

Check the conditions to present the projects.

Author: canvis2016