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Oriol Alamany and Eulàlia Vicens are a couple of globetrotters who have visited –and photographed- every corner of the planet. They’ve been to the Himalaya several times where they have taken astonishing pictures of its landscapes, people and wildlife but two years ago they decided to focus on unveiling the biology of one of the rarest cats of the world, the Snow Leopard.

In his presentation, Oriol Alamany will talk about how hard it was to get pictures of this elusive animal, what he found out about its biology, the animals the leopard interacts with and its conflicts with cattle raisers, with which it maintains a love and hate relationship.

Last year, Oriol gave one of the most successful talks in the Festival and in 2018 he strikes back to present jaw-dropping pictures of the Snow Leopard, one of the most gorgeous animals he has ever come across.

Author: Ricard Losarcos