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Guanyador cursa OrnithoThis year’s participants of the Ornitho-Swarovski race are doing its best and some of them have take advantage of their possibilities buying tickets to participate in the riffle making complete lists each day. Do you want to buy one of these tickets to have the chance of win a pair of Swarovski binoculars valued in 2300€?

Go birding and make a complete list, that means you have to count all the birds you see, then enter your data in a complete list in Ornitho. Now you have a ticket! You can do it everyday until September the 24th. To validate your ticket, just come to ICO’s stand during the Delta Birding festival and register yourself in the race. Now you just have to cross your fingers to be the winner of the amazing prize!

Remember that you can also enter your complete lists through the Naturalist app from your Android device. And if you want to know your position in the race you can check it here.

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