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Just before and just after sunset there is what the experts in sky photography say are the golden hour and the blue hour. To photograph the sky is a specialty and requires a technic and equipment quite different to those that usually use to photograph landscape and wildlife.

SIGMA and the experts in astronomy and astronomical photography from CELISTIA invites us to an extraordinary activity for experiencing the sky of the Delta, Saturday evening-night, with a moon that is just 3 nights to be full. Before going out, will do  an introduction session and in order to be able to see the phenomenon of the moon dawn and sunset will go to the Trabucador, close by of the festival.

 Kike Herrero Will approach us the emotions that produces the observation of the sky exposing the connection that there is between the history of the universe and we, in a privileged surrounding, the one of the Ebro Delta. The activity will combine a voyage through the nocturnal sky with cameras, objectives and telescopes, with the feelings that provides the landscape and the nature.

Author: Ricard Losarcos