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Ricard Gutierrez1As in each edition of the festival, the Department de Territori i Sostenibilitat presents some of its most outstanding actions for the conservation of biodiversity in our country.

This Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the one in charge of the conservation of Biodiversity, through its General Direction of Environmental Policies and Natural Environment and the Natural Park of Delta del Ebro, gives a fundamental support in the organization of this festival.Ricard Gutiererez2

And at the same time, the festival has become a forum where every year Ricard Gutierrez, technician of the Fauna and Flora Service, in the inaugural conference explains in detail some of the main actions they are carrying out and their results.

What species of marine vertebrates are threatened in our coasts and seas? From the nesting of the loggerhead turtle to the presence of the white shark or the fox shark, passing through the distribution of cetaceans and their evolution throughout the year or the wintering of the Little Gull at the sea.

The work carried out by the Xarxa de Rescat de Fauna Marina of the Generalitat in recent years brings us closer to a better knowledge and conservation of our coastal and marine heritage.

Author: Ricard Losarcos