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Last year saw the birth of the first edition of the Lynx ID Challenge in the Delta Birding Festival, a contest at the level of those who are really mad about the ID of birds in the frontier of what humans are able to recognize. 40 species of birds, with photos, videos and sounds marched in front of the senses of birders who filled the big conference room, while they were being freaked out trying to tell those creatures apart.

Lynx ID QuizThat said, the Lynx ID Challenge is back with a similar format but thanks to the twisted imagination of the organizers, there is some surprise to put some more stress on the contestants. Certainly, you’ll suffer… but don’t complain; we know you like challenges, we know that you see difficulties as hurdles you like to jump over and that every time you identify a difficult bird you just get urged to find a more difficult one to climb one step further up.

The contest will be commented on by Hadoram Shirihai, a guarantee that it’ll be interesting, and the best three contestants will get books of the latest novelties of Lynx Eds. But no matter how attractive the prizes are, we know that you are going to sign up for the contest just for the challenge of solving a difficult puzzle. You guys are incorrigible…

Author: canvis