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This year at the Delta Birding Festival, we’ll have the chance to listen a Joan de la Malla. Biologist and photographer, sponsored by Olympus, is focused in nature, local communities and the environment.

At present, he is devoting his efforts to conservation topics by working with national and international entities helping to raise awareness of the vital work being undertaken to safeguard the future of endangered species and their habitats.

Joan believes that photography plays a fundamental role in highlighting the risk to disappear that natural heritage of the planet runs. Photography is the most universal of languages and is able to communicate and denounce without the limitations of language.

However, only those images with good storytelling will generate a change to the observer. Hence the importance of storytelling in photography. That’s the reason why Joan’s work always tries to get a big impact on the observer.

Check out his photo gallery, don’t you think he really gets it?

Author: Ricard Losarcos