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Grup a Ucraïna 2Each year the DBF dedicates all the profit from ticket sales to bird monitoring and conservation projects and this year will contribute to a very interesting international project for all European ornithologists, the European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 (EBBA2).

The completion of the EBBA2 is encountering a lot of differences in the capacity of covering the different countries, so in some of them it’s impossible that the country’s ornithologists are able to cover all of the territory. Grup a Ucraïna 1That’s why the organization is sending expeditions of ornithologists from the countries with more ornithological tradition to do field work and training for local ornithologists. The ICO, for example, has been working in this way in Greece, Belarus and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The money raised in DBF 2016 will be used to send expeditions to carry out field work and training in the countries that need extra help to cover their territories. Participants will be volunteers -so their work won’t be payed- but they are going to have all travel and accommodation expenses payed by the organization. And you know, if you are interested in birding in those countries and want to contribute to the biggest ever ornithological project in Europe, this is your opportunity!

Author: Ricard Losarcos