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totes les marques opticaIn his third year, the DELTA BIRDING FESTIVAL has turned into the best fair of optics for observation and wildlife photography of southern Europe. We gather a pretty selection of exhibitors showing his products and organizing activities in which the visitors can test, compare and check by themselves the quality of the binoculars, telescopes, objectives, trpods, cameras and all their complements: more than 15 main brands of optical and photography will be present with his own stand!

The last novelties of the market will be the protagonists, with special free events for his presentation. Expect a new telescope of ZEISS, a new product of Leica and the last new photography adapters of Swarovski and Leica as well as any one other surprise that the British Birdfair bring us!

And the same with telephoto objectives and cameras of the best brands in DSLRs like CANON and NIKON, or the breaking new cameras System or CSC like OLYMPUS and FUJI, or from the prestigious LEICA. And the best tripods of the market as well like MANFROTTO and BENRO and an infinity of complements!

ORYX and CASANOVA FOTO will offer you the best offers in prices if you decide to purchase a new equipment at the festival, don’t miss it, you will not find a better occasion to do it!

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