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Last year, the DBF managed to raise money to start a monitoring project in the Alfacada Lagoon and a neighboring piece of land called El Violí, an area of old rice fields that will be recovered as a natural space by means of a LIFE project, participated by the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera.

Alfacada 4Since the end of 2014 and during 2015, a constant effort site Sylvia station has been set in the Alfacada and has been integrated in the whole pool of Sylvia stations of Catalonia in order to follow bird populations by means of ringing. In Spring and early Summer 2015 ringing sessions have taken place that will allow the evaluation of bird population status over time when a series of years is available; the Sylvia Programme has provided high quality data for the monitoring of birds in Catalonia since the Catalan Ornithological Institute started it out, 23 years ago.

El Violí area has been censused with the mapping method, a relatively complex system that requires the investment of more time than other methods but that provides high quality data. When the area is recovered we will know quite precisely what birds colonize it and we’ll have data to make recommendations on what actions need to be taken to favour the species that need a boost to their populations.

Author: canvis