• Neil Rettig & Laura Johnson (USA) – Will talk about their film and their huge task to save the Philippine Eagle, one of the ten species of birds in greater danger of extinction in the world, with only 400 pairs surviving in tropical forests that are being cut down and destroyed. We’ll also have a European premiere of the film! Watch the trailer here
  • Killian Mullarney (UK) – Irish bird illustrator who, after the success of his participation in the first edition, comes back again to our festival to tell us about the most recent discoveries on the birds of the Western Sahara. Also, he will participate in a chat with other illustrators that you just can’t miss out.
  • Ian Lewington (UK) – one of the most renowned bird illustrators of the world who will unveil details of his new publication Rare Birds of North America, a work that sets a turning point in the knowledge of rarities in North America and will talk about the challenge of dealing with digital techniques in bird illustration.
  • Martin Collinson (Scotland) – will unveil his “CSI birding”. Just as forensic scientists of the CSI do, he is able to get a lot of information from the DNA of birds. Collinson can figure out the geographic origin of a bird, the proportion of males and females, the degree of kinship, the diversity of a population, the viability of endangered isolated species and other information that can’t be obtained just by looking through binoculars.
  • Mark van Beirs (Flanders, Belgium) – this extraordinary BirdQuest guide will walk us through his expeditions to some of the most remote places in the planet where he has observed bird species that just a handful of people have been able to see, like the Congo Peafowl (Afropavo congensis), located in the deepest heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s rainforest.
  • Daniel Lopez Velasco (Spain) – also a first class BirdQuest guide, he will talk about the birds of the island of New Guinea, both from the Eastern and Western sides, where he has led many trips to the wildest jungles and has encountered some of the least known species of the world.
  • Jonathan Martinez (France) – French ornithologist and photographer who has lived for many years in the South of China, where he has prospected remote areas that were almost unknown to Western birders. He has taken pictures of rare species and has conducted taxonomic studies by means of capture and ringing.
  • Andrés Barbosa (Spain) – investigator of the MNCN (Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales), who will speak about the extraordinary biology of the penguins of the Antarctica, where he has spent long stays studying these astonishing birds.
  • José Ramón Castelló (Spain) – this is the doctor from Madrid who has published the guide Bovids of the World with the prestigious editor Princeton University Press and who, after this success, has undertaken a new challenging project of a guide to the canids of the world. He will talk about these two huge works that contain a selection of formidable photographs.
  • Ivan Maggini (Austria and Switzerland) – scientific coordinator of the Austrian Bird Ringing Scheme who, in coordination with the ICO, is tracking birds with last generation techniques such as nanotags and special GPSs. In his current project he is filling Sahara’s oasis up with receiver antennas that track small passerines!
  • Jose Luis Gállego (Catalonia, Spain) – popular and passionate environmental communicator of our country who will talk about the value of environmental conservation to leave a better world to the future generations.
  • Oriol Alamany (Catalonia, Spain) – outstanding photographer who comes back to the festival after the success of his participation in last year’s edition. Now, everybody looks forward to see the results of his expeditions to the Himalaya in the search of the mythical Snow Leopard, an animal that few photographers have been able to capture with their cameras.
  • Evarist March (Catalonia, Spain) – well known nature guide and founder of Naturewalks, a company that, apart from offering nature tours, trains and certifies guides to practise this profession as specialised as passionate.
  • Blanca Martí (Catalonia, Spain) – illustrator who presents her exhibition “With eyes of nature”, an excellent series of drawings of primates. For the fans of nature drawing, it will be a honour to have her in the round table with the other great illustrators that will attend the festival.

As in other editions, there will be more lectures, presentations of book novelties, new products and services of the exhibitors.

We will continue this year with the Agora, an informal space to interact with our guests from a different angle, with relaxed interviews looking for anecdotes and untold stories that don’t usually come up in the main lectures but that very often are as interesting as the lectures themselves.


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