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Water is an essential good for a good quality life and the well-being of our society and being a basic resource of productive economy it is also one of the essential elements to maintain the conservation of our natural spaces.

The purifying marshlands of the Ebro Delta are a good example of how a water cycle infrastructure can generate environment, social and economic value to its surroundings. In addition to the water treatment of rice fields, the conservation of biodiversity has been the backbone of the space’s management, being nowadays a place of high ornithological interest that offers suitable places to practice birdwatching, naturalistic walkings and environmental education.

So during the Delta Birding Festival we we’ll have the opportunity to know the situations and operation of this purifying marshlands of the Ebro Delta, a commitment with the biodiversity, a commitment with the environment.

Suez, manages almost 2.000 facilities in the world which include purification, desalinisation and treatment plants, water distribution networks, etc. Aquambiente, a company that belongs to the group, manages the purification wetlands of the Ebro Delta since they were put into work.

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