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The valleys of the high Catalan Pyrenees, Boumort, the Cadí mountain range, the Cerdanya, these are the territories where Jordi Palau professionally has been dedicated to the management of natural resources and wildlife and also to try to understand how these large little disturbed areas with very few human settlements, the nature has been recovering timidly in recent decades.

Will that process continue? Will the rewilding extend to other intermediate areas that do not enjoy the same measures of protection? Are all the elements of ecosystems responding in the same way? And so many other questions that we ask ourselves and usually have no answer.  Jordi will be able to give a few answers and he also will reveal us how we react, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively, depending on what are the social and political circumstances of the moment.

He will analyze the syndrome of changing references and the role that natural processes can play when it comes to finding more efficient management of the territories destined for conservation – or, why not, to “production of nature“?

The “rewilding” is seen as a novel and exciting approach, which breaks down barriers, often mental, but is not free from difficulties. Jordi will also review starting concepts, case studies, and possible applications in our country.

Author: Ricard Losarcos