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Like all big Zoos in the 21st Century, that of Barcelona goes much beyond of just being a simple collection of animals for the great public to enjoy at close range. The research projects on endangered species and many other research works are very important strategic objectives at the Barcelona Zoo.

Juli Mauri, Head of Sustainability and Local Wildlife, will explain the projects that are receiving resources from the Zoo such as, for example, the project of conservation and reintroduction of the Montseny Brook Newt. This is a unique species in the world, endemic to the Montseny range that would have been on the brink of extinction if no action had been taken on time. In Senegal, the Saharan Dorcas Gazelle is the one that benefits from a reintroduction project that will allow this beautiful animal to come back to the places where it lived before the 1950’s, when it started to suffer a dramatic population decline as a result of many factors, including abusive hunting.

The list of projects continues with dozens of more grants to projects of investigation and conservation that can be right beside home or to the other end of the world.

Author: Ricard Losarcos