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Lectures and presentations

The main conference room will host several talks of internationally renowned ornithologists such as Killian Mullarney, illustrator; Robert Flood, pelagic birds specialist; Magnus Robb, wildlife sound recordist and bird song expert; Juan José Negro, Director of the Biological Station of Doñana; Santi Mañosa, President of the Catalan Institute of Ornithology and professor at University of Barcelona; Antoni Margalida, world expert on Bearded Vulture and other mountain vultures.

Photographer Andoni Canela presents his new book about wolves in the Iberian Peninsula and Josep del Hoyo from Lynx Edicions, presents the first volume of the HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World, dedicated to non-passerines.

The Catalan Institute of Ornithology will introduce the new Atlas of European Breeding Birds, a large scale project of which the ICO is an international coordinator and the designer of the methodology. The European Atlas requires collaborators from all over Europe, particularly from the countries that have less birding coverage, mostly East European countries or those that have more inaccessible regions.

Also, other new books, products or services will be introduced in other conference rooms and videos and documentaries about birds and wildlife from around the world will be shown.

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Courses and workshops

During the weekend offer courses and workshops such as: a Swarovski Optik digiscoping technique course, ICO workshops on preparing their projects, Bushnell photo workshops, a photographic safari by the Park,…

Visits to l’Alfacada

This lagoon is the least known of the Delta because it is a strictly protected reserve and can’t be visited by the public. Now the FCLP is creating paths and observation hides to open it to visitor access under guidance. During the Festival, special guided visits to this jewel of the Ebro Delta will be organized.

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Boat trip

Sunday morning there will be an offshore boat trip to observe seabirds that wander between the mainland coast and the Balearic Islands. The Balearic Shearwater, endemic to the archipelago, will be one of the most attractive species, but gulls, other shearwaters, storm petrels and perhaps wintering auks or gannets are also expected.

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Visits to MónNatura Delta

Two guided visits to Espai Delta will take place daily. This tour includes an interactive display with the purpose of understanding the origins of the Delta and its varied wildlife it harbors; a short audiovisual presentation about the annual cycle of life in the Delta; a visit to the viewpoint tower equipped with telescopes to observe the rich birdlife of the Delta from the only high point in the whole area; a tour to the salt pans to experience how salt is being produced in the Delta; a traditional fishing experience that lets the visitor understand a little bit the traditional culture and daily life in this territory and, finally, people will be able to give a try to canoe poling and learn to navigate the canals and lagoons old-style, like fishermen do, the Hide to know the Delta Lagoon Life Project, the restoration of natural habitats,…

For kids

There will be continuous activities for children conducted by specialized monitors to allow parent birders to visit the Festival at leisure.


Contest based on the citizen science project of the Catalan Ornithological Institute ORNITHO, sponsored by SWAROVSKI OPTIK. The contest will be based in a drawing that will give more chances to win to those who send in more bird lists to Ornitho during the month of September from anywhere in Catalonia. Contestants do not need to be experienced birders to win and persistence and effort of any birder who can correctly identify common species will be promoted instead (see contest rules).


The prize is an astonishing high performance SWAROVSKI spotting scope and tripod with a suggested retail price of 4.500€. If you are not yet an Ornitho user, you can sign in at and start getting prepared for the race!
Contest rules

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LYNX ID Challenge

Do you want to participate in a hardcore bird ID contest? Lynx ID Challenge is the contest sponsored by Lynx Edicions that will test your bird ID skills to the extreme! Limited to 40 participants in Conference Room 2, contestants will see photographs and videos of Western Paleartic birds for about 20 seconds each. Any of the almost 1.000 species in the WP can come up! To finally freak contestants out, a recording with songs and calls will be played and they will have to identify those too. Needless to say, the sounds will not match the images on screen…

If you accept the challenge, you just have to enroll the contest during the festival and you’ll have the opportunity to win a copy of the 1st volume of the HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World (non-passerines) and a voucher for the 2nd Volume when it is published (due 2016). There will also be prizes for those who come second and third.
Contest rules

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Coming to Delta Birding Festival will be eligible for prizes and discounts interesting, and you can participate in the draw of a camera-trapping valued at 400 €, drawn by Bushnell, and 3 binoculars TIERRA ED, valued at 500 € each one, drawn by Zeiss. Find out at their respective stands.