galeria_2015 (72) In the main conference room there will be a number of lectures from well-known international and national ornithologists which will include Lars Svensson, the famous author of the best bird identification guide of our region, Per Alström¸ who is an authority in taxonomy and bird evolution, Hadoram Shirihai, israelian specialist on Paleartic birds identification and rediscoverer of several pelagic petrel species that had been considered extinct, Yossi Leshem, expert on aircraft and bird collisions or Vincent Bretagnolle, one of the greatest specialists in the study of the scarcest marine birds of the planet. Closer to the Spanish and Catalan audience but with a lot to offer to the international visitor, we will have Gerard Bota (Centre Tecnològic i Forestal), Juan Arizaga (Sociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi), Borja Milá (Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Beatriz Arroyo (Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Cinegéticos), photographer Jordi Bas and more. Simultaneously in other rooms, more talks, presentations of publication novelties or new products from the exhibitors will be under way.


_MG_7899Saturday and Sunday morning will be the time for a boat trip A river of birds on the Ebro river from the mouth to Gràcia Island in which you’ll have the opportunity to observe many of the Delta birds that thrive by the river and its islands, where anything can turn up in the migration season.

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Also, Saturday and Sunday morning you can join a 15-mile offshore trip to watch seabirds in the Mediterranean, The pelagic birds of the delta . Balearic Shearwater, an endemism from the archipelago, will be an interesting highlight but we also expect to see seagulls, terns, occasional skuas and any surprise the sea has for us.

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This lagoon is the least known of the Delta because it is a strictly protected reserve and can’t be visited by the public. Now the FCLP is creating paths and observation hides to open it to visitor access under guidance. During the Festival, special guided visits will be held, ending with a ringing demonstration.

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Some birdwatching activities will be run in areas which are very rich in birds thanks to processes of recovery of purified water. The SUEZ Company treats and purifies with natural systems a large volume of water coming from agriculture and other human activities but the result is not only good for people: the natural habitats that get created configure an ideal environment for birds and wildlife in general. In these activities you will learn first hand how this ecosystem works from experts on birds and water treatment.

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You don’t know how to start birding? Don’t worry, the ICO will organize guided tours to watch birds near the Festival grounds of MónNatura Delta addressed to people with little or no experience. You’ll learn the basics on bird ID and how to take flight in this fascinating world.

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Saturday and Sunday at first light, exclusive photographic tour by different places on the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta guided by a technician from the Park. The participants will discover, thanks to the photographer Anotnio Liébana, the different photography techniques applied to ornithology and lanscapes, developing and improving their knowledge abou nature photography. During this tours, the participants will be able to try some equipment lent by Canon. The tour is free but the inscription is required considering that there are limited places. If you want more information or you want to sign up send an email to confirmaciones@canon.es. The meeting point will be the entrance of MonNatura Delta and you’ll have to move with your own vehicle.

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Digiscoping, phototrapping, sound identification, nest box DIY, naturalist illustration, pellet id and a whole lot of opportunities to learn!   _MG_8736

Visitors will find exhibitions in several points of the DBF. For example, spectacular photographs by Sociedad Catalana de Fotografía Natural.  An exhibition by Fotodigiscoping will show you amazing photos made by digiscoping. In addition, the Museu de les Terres de l’Ebre in Amposta, will host an exhibition of natural art by Juan Varela.

Jaw-dropping high quality nature videos and documentaries will be shown non-stop on video screens to help you savour the beauty of the world we are fortunate to live in.

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_MG_0304With the contest Cursa ORNITHO SWAROVSKI OPTIK we want people to go out and search for the largest number possible of birds during the month of September and enter them in www.ornitho.catSWAROVSKI sponsors the contest with a prize that no doubt will tickle the winner. Contest Rules

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_MG_9474The LYNX ID CHALLENGE will put your birding skills at test by making you identify images and birds simultaneously. Contest Rules

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With the DELTA FOTO CONTEST, most pure-bred birders always have some photos of his/her twitches could participate. Post the photos on Facebook or Instagram and the prize are a pair of Canon 8×25 IS binoculars!

You have up to September 24th to post your photos. Don’t hesitate and go for it! Contest Rules

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In the classrooms of the building Mirador 360º there will be free, continuous activities for kids conducted by specialized monitors.

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Festival facilities at MónNatura Delta offer several highlights t_MG_9987o visit: l’Espai Delta, a museum ce to understand the origins of the Delta, the stunning variety of wildlife that it hosts and a video show that summarizes in a poetic way the passing of the four seasons; the Mirador 360º with spotting scopes to contemplate the rich bird life of the Delta from the only elevated point over La Tancada lagoon; The Salt Pans, to learn how salt is produced in the Delta; the Traditional fishing zone to experience a bit of traditional culture and daily life in this territory; the Canoe Poling Canals, a fun activity to practice old-style navigation through the canals and lagoons, like fishermen do. Organized theme visits to the centre will be run twice a day.

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At Riet Vell SEO/Birdlife’s reserve you will find during all weekend activities for Delta Birding Festival participants.

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The e-bike of Ebro Delta to help you travel great distances with less effort! It enjoys a wonderful experience in the Natural Park territory.

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Block your agenda on Friday night in Amposta, where we will laught at ourselves with The Big Year, a Hollywood comedy about the obsession for birding. And what’s more, you’ll learn about birding references that may pass unnoticed and some anecdotes of the filming that we will comment on. Curious if any of the actors became hooked on birds?

_MG_0386Other activities

  • – Bar/restaurant zone.
  • – Release of recovered wild birds from the Wildlife Recovery Centre of the Natural Park..
  • – Second hand optics market.