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Rodatge TV3 2On Saturday 19 the TV3 13 episode documentary series “Tocats de l’ala” will be presented after its premiere that very same day. Its authors, Fúlvia Nicolàs and Joan Pavia will detail how the programme was made, who participated and how they participated, the incidents of the shooting and how the idea of a series about birds came to their minds.

When the creators had the idea of making a programme about birds, they had no idea about birds but during the shooting and as a result of their continued contact with really passionate birders, they have been so engaged in birding that one can say that they are now full right members of the world of Catalan birders. “Tocats de l’ala” has allowed them to enjoy experiences with birds that are often difficult to access even to dedicated birders. They have seen Capercaillies, Bearded tits, Storm Petrels, Tengmalm’s Owls and scavengers in full action. A real privilege for a couple of real rookies!

LOGO TOCATS DE L'ALAThe series talks about birds but it also talks a lot about birders and about how they enjoy their hobby, which often consumes all their free time in an obsessive manner.

The programme has enjoyed the counseling and scientific review of the Catalan Ornithological Institute (ICO) in order to ensure that the fun style of the series is framed inside a rigorous scientific context.

Author: canvis