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Photography with a spotting scope, like everything in the digital world and in particular photography, never stop evolving and offering new techniques and materials to achieve better results. Can we or can we not take professional level pictures with a spotting scope with the right adapters and cameras?

Rosa Matesanz, showing her extraordinary photographs answer us that if it is not like that, it is very close. So, sign up for the workshop and take the opportunity that one of the best experts at the moment explain it to you and show it to you.

There is much to learn: technique, tricks, concepts, etc., and what better scenario than the lagoons and beaches of the Ebro Delta, with flamingos, egrets, gulls and large flocks of waders and many more birds to practice while we learn

Sunday morning, we will do the practical session, but Saturday afternoon at the Swarovski stand we will spend some time preparing the materials and when we return from the tour we will return to the stand to comment on the photographs obtained and see the mistakes and successes!

Author: Ricard Losarcos