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Turismo Naturaleza Mirua NavarraIf you are tired of your local patch and you are looking for a place to watch birds in Spain, keep reading because this may interest you. Six Spanish autonomous communities have chosen the DBF to inform the visitants all the opportunities for ornithological tourism they can offer.

Andalucia Turismo presents itself as the great corridor of migratory routes of birds, where you can find 63 special protection areas. Extremadura, will tell us that they are a community with environment diversity that is home of a lot of bird diversity and offers different possibilities to nature photographers and birders. In addition, the Comunitat Valenciana defines itself as a very complete destiny for birdwatching, they offer a good touristic infrastructure, diversity of habitats and ecosystems that allows the visitant to see lots of species.

The Balearic Islands present themselves as a hot spot of biodiversity in the Western Mediterranean, in the festival they will be represented by Turisme d’Alcudia and Mallorca Natural Tours. From Turismo Galicia, they will explain the different ecosystems their community have and that makes possible the observation of a wide range of bird species. Finally, Turismo de Aragon will show us all the peculiarities to see birds of their community, they have singular spaces, a lot and very close different habitats and quite natural spaces.

Author: Ricard Losarcos