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taller de sonsEloïsa Matheu, an expert in the study and recording sounds of nature, present us an introduction to this technique and will explain why it is so important in ornithology to know the role of songs and other sounds made by the birds. Digital technology and the Internet have quickly changed the focus of this discipline and has brought us new and practical tolls to learn and to identify these sounds. In this workshop we will know in a very practical way how we can introduce ourselves into this fascinating world of sounds of nature. A good birdwatcher have to use as much ears than eyes!

At the end, as the evening is usually a good time to hear the birds, will be a guided tour in the area of l’Embut and the green filter managed by AQUAMBIENTE and we will listen with microphones and recorders.

The editors of QUERCUS magazine, will be added to this activity and share it with their readers.

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