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img_4712When we talk about DBF, we often talk about the great international and national speakers that explain us the best of their research and activities. But DBF is also a meeting point for all those birders that look for new places to see birds. If you are one of them, you can’t miss all that presentation’s room can offer to you.

From Navarra to Andalusia, Senegal, Uganda and Poland. Local experts from this places will show you where are the hot spots to watch birds in their areas. Spain offers a lot of possibilities to watch all sort of animals, from shearwaters in Balearic Islands to Iberian lynx in Andalusia, without forgetting all the possibilities the Aragonese Pyrenees can offer.

In this space, we are going to see presentations of two books too: “Pedals i Plomes”, that describes the bike journey around all Catalonia watching more than 300 bird species and “Etosha”, that presents the exceptional natural richness of Namibia with illustrations. At last, the photographers will also find and interesting corner in this place, considering that Canon and Sigma will offer photography advises to use their equipment. In addition, Casanova Foto will offer their course about how to use filters in photography.

Author: Ricard Losarcos