The most important brands of the optical industry will present their novelties and range of models. Optical stands will be in front of the Tancada lagoon in order to watch the birds and test the binoculars and telescopes of the exposed brands. This year we are going to have much more photographic material exposed and best offers of the leading brands in cameras and lenses. Aldo we are going to have a second hand market to give the opportunity to our visitors to buy and sell their used material.

Casanovafoto, leading company in photographic material sale and distributor of leading brands. logoFoto Técnica Import S.L. since 1984 is a company dedicated to import and export articles of the leading brands for the professional photographic industry and other areas related to image.
logo_swarovskyJ. Esteller, SL has been the exclusive distributor of Spain and Portugal of SWAROVSKI OPTIK for more than 30 years, one of the most prestigious brands in sport optics. It’s also distributor of LEATHERMAN, MAGLITE or NALGENE. Logo Excopesa NaturaExcopesa Natura is a company particularly dedicated to nature observation, ornithology and digiscoping. They distribute exclusively in Spain the prestigious optic brand Zeiss, with the most advanced technology of the market. This year, they have incorporated to his portfolio the recognized German brand MINOX.
Wlogo_leicaith Leica you can enjoy the nature with an unprecedented intensity. If you are a compromised birdwatcher or simply a nature lover, they have some articles in their catalogue of the Nature Observations that guarantees to be your best travel partner. logo_bushnellBushnell offers sport optics and outdoor products: binoculars, terrestrial telescopes, photo-trapping cameras, night vision devices, GPS and Imageview (binoculars + photography).
logo_canon_trans_boCanon promotes the passion for nature photography. They have a wide range of products dedicated to nature photography for enthusiast and professional people, like reflex cameras, wide range of lenses for this kind of photography, the new line of binoculars, compact cameras with powerful zoom… Nikon-logoNikon, leading brand in photography and optics with the last technology in cameras, binoculars, telescopes and laser telemetric systems…

FUJIFILM Spain they sell products and services in the Electronic Imaging divisions (digital cameras and accessories) and Photo Imaging (equipment, photo-finish services, analogical photography and storages devices).

Olympus_logoSince Olympus was founded in Japan in 1919, it became in an important manufacturer of innovative optic and digital equipment for the health sector and consumes electronics. They have designed products for endoscopy and microscopy for more than 90 years, medical and industrial equipments , cameras and voice recorders.
vortex_lgVortex is a leader brand in the binocular and telescopes industry. They have a wide range of products that satisfies the different levels of quality. Thanks to their VIP guarantee, if you ever have a problem, VORTEX will solve your problem. opticronlogoOpticron offers binoculars, monoculars, telescopes, tripods, tele-photography and digiscoping equipments and accessories. The spirit of the company is to offer the best solutions for nature lovers, no matter the age, budget or experience, giving the best combination of quality, choose and value with an exceptional customer service.
logo-disefotoDisefoto distributes in Spain photographic, video and birdwatching equipment of different brands like MANFROTTO, GITZO, KITE OPTICS, PHOTTIX  and HÄHNEL, between others. delta_opticalEl Calden SL is the distribution company in Spain of brands like Delta, Olight…
logo_fotodigiscoping_DBFFotodigiscoping has about 20.000 files and as the visits as the images they receive daily make them to have high traffic data. logo-350x80Digiscoping Adapters is a company specialized in adaptations for photography with more than 20 years giving solutions. Specialized in photography techniques like digiscoping or high speed. We design our products adapted specifically for the leading brands of the market. We also offer complete kits of photography and digiscoping.


Some of the most important authors will sign their books in ORYX and LYNX stands.

logo_lynxComplete selection of the publications of Lynx Edicions: the collections of the handbooks of birds and mammals (HBW and HMW), HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World, identification guides and monographs between other works. logo_oryx_peuOryx, the Nature Lover store, shares your hobby and gives you the expert advice about more than 15000 books of natural history that you can book on their website. They are going to have a wide selection of titles in the festival, so you can choose and enjoy special offers.


The most important European brands of this material are going to have a special importance in this Festival.

logoGarden Birds is a company dedicated to distribution of nest boxes and troughs for wild animals. They also give advise about biological control of plagues and encourage the biodiversity. logo-parapajaros-web-80Parapajaros design, make, try and distribute their nest boxes for birds and bats, troughs and other accessories for birds and other wide animals. They also develope projects of biological control of plagues, advice and technical support. They make easier the cohabitation between people and birds.


There will be some artists that are going to expose their art in the Festival.

LOGO MIRA AL PAJARIKOMira al pajariko offers illustrations of birds and nature using watercolour, engraved, oil painting and acrylic techniques. nuevo logo copiaPaper and feathers“, of Nacho Sevilla, is a sample of pictures related to the world of birds using different techniques (watercolour, oil painting, inks, charcoals, pencil…). He is going to sell originals and reproductions with high quality.
victoria santiagoThe Avis Lucicatum project, from artist Victoria Santiago, is an artistic initiative that recycles objects called Reciclart. All the objects can have more than one life if you use them more than once, and you can help our planet doing this. pierre_Pierre Mach, self-taught French artist  that defines himself as a birdwatcher, and this passion is going to have a high influence in his watercolour pictures.

myriambernañMyriam Bernal show us ecological art inspired on nature. Buitre_negro Javier Ramil shows us nature photography.



Specialized companies and professionals in services like guiding tours, naturalists, hides, specialized rural accommodations, thematic webs, magazines…

logo_2016The electric bike of the Ebro Delta has a name, Deltacleta and will help you to go over big distances with less effort! Enjoy a special experience in the Natural Park territory. logquercusQuercus is a monthly magazine dedicated to the study, observation and defence of the nature. Founded in 1981 is a model inside the environment press sector.
LOGO LA SABINA ALTAFrom Montsonís (La Noguera), La Sabina offers services of tour guiding and hides to photograph birds, like Little Bustards, Bonelli’s Eagle or Bearded Vulture. They sell services linked to wild photography, rural development and the perception of birds like an active, that add potential to territory. PHOTO_LOGISTICSPhoto Logistics is company that offers services for the nature photographer. It manages about 70 hides in Spain in order to make photos of the most symbolic species. From the company they introduce systems of valorisations and conservation of the environment.
mon-natura-intMónNatura Pirineus, started in 2002, is an equipment of the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera that offers stays and activities aimed to all type of publics, with a very clear mission: to make aware society for a sustainable development and a nature and landscape conservation trough education activities. banner-web-alinya

Espai Natura Muntanya d’Alinyà  is located in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees , the only region of Europe where nest the four species of vultures that live in the Old Continent: Griffon vulture, Bearded vulture, Egyptian vulture and Cinereous Vulture. Located between the Cadi mountains and the Segre river, with more than 5000 ha and between 500 and 2380 m of height, gives it a very wide range of environments.

finhFauna Inhospita offers nature and ornithological trips in Spain and in the rest of the world. They organize special tours in group or under request. logo_bbpBarcelona Birding Point, is the big entrance portal to the nature tourism. You have to understand that nature tourism and wild animals observation can be a relevant ingredient to increase the value of some natural environments.
gnfGrup Natura Freixe manages the Natural Reserve of Sebes and Meandro de Flix, where have been detected more than 210 bird species, something that makes it a very important place of the territory to offer activities of ornithological tourism. BirdingextremaduraExtremadura is one of the most desired destinations for the ornithology and nature lovers. It is a popular territory with a strategic geographical situation inside the migratory routes of a lot of birds. If you want to have a quality trip to Extremadura, you have to know the Club Birding in Extremadura, integrated by more than 70 partners: guides, professionals, accommodations, tourism companies, and public entities.
Birding Canarias, is a company specialized in ecotourism, environmental education, biodiversity conservation and sustainable event organization, that develops its projects and services in Western Africa, Southern Europe and the Atlantic islands. Logo-VectorizadoVerde Aurora is an ecological farm in the middle of the Biosphere Reserve of Fuerteventura, a suitable place to watch the ornithological jewels of the island, and counts on rural accommodation, ornithological itineraries, hide and a local product store.
LogoPPTCadizPatronato Provincial de Turismo de Cádiz promotes ornithological tourism in Cadiz province, a paradise for bird lovers. aragonGobierno de Aragón promotes 16 ornithological routes in the Aragonese territory, with more than 300 different species in a territory that is crossed by migratory routes between de North of Africa and the North of Europe. The fact that Aragon is located in the central part of the Ebro Valley, makes that in less than 100 km you can enjoy a wide diversity of environments.
birding navarraBirding Navarra is an “offer club” created by the Culture and Tourism Department of the Navarre Government to promote and develope the ornithological tourism in this community. The club offers recommended places, professional services and ornithological information points. salarteSalarte, el Fondo para la custodia y recuperación de la marisma salinera, is a non-profit NGO specialized in the managing of natural spaces through the safe-keeping of the territory. It is the only non public entity that manages a reserved area in Andalucia, the Trocadero Isle, in Cadiz Bay.
birdflyway_head_miniBird Flyway route, is another way to travel in contact with nature, following the birds in their migration through Europe. Your are going to discover the big secret of birds: their wonderful natural environments where you can see more than 600 different species in all Europe. yoonudiamViajes Yoonudiam, meaning “peace way” in Wolof, designs birdwatching  trips. It offers birding-safaris in different places of the world, adapting routes, accommodations, budgets  or calendars according to the possibilities of the travellers. Trips to Senegal, Bhutan, Uganda, Tanzania, India or Sri Lanka.
Ecotur.es is an ecotourism portal with the best experiences of rural tourism and agrotourism, accomodation specialized in Ecobirding, organic farms, nature tourism compromised with the sustainable rural development, conservation of local traditions, cultural and natural heritage of the rural environment in Spain, in collaboration with the European networks of promotion of a sustainable and ecological tourism.
alpasinAlpasin, hides fotográficos & Birding, is a company specialized in nature photography, ornithological tourism and ecotourism activities. It offers you unique experiences thanks to the biodiversity that live in Andalucia, working daily to achieve the harmony between the touristic profit and the conservation of natural resources.
Iberus Birding&Nature are specialist in birdwatching tours in Southern Spain and in Iberian Lynx spotting in Sierra Morena. As a committed company, they invest their profit in Nature Conservation. Logo B&C-2-RGBBirds & Company, founded in 2012 by a group of field biologists, believe in sustainable tourism, and aiming to promote Madeira’s Natural History tours. Offers excellent opportunities for ecotourism vacations in Madeira’s Achipelago – Portugal, specially birdwatching, botanic, geodiversity, whale & dolphin watching tours, and pelagic tours.
logo AlcudiaInformation of the ornithological product from Alcudia town (tours, ecosystems, species lists…) logo Wildlife PolandMarek Borkowski is the naturalist and birding guide with more experience in Poland. With his birding company will make you enjoy the great natural spectacles of Eastern Europe , from the hectic leks of the Great Snipe in the heart of the Biebzra marshes, where he lives , to the spectacular herds of European bison in winter at the Bialoweza pristine forest .


logo_icoICO (Catalan Institute of Ornithology) is a non-profit entity that has about one thousand partners and more than 35 years dedicated to the study of birds in Catalonia. Is an association dedicated to the research and formation in applied ornithology field. Their activity is focused on ringing and integrated following of birds population. pndeThe Ebro Delta, with its 320 km2, is the biggest aquatic habitat of Catalonia and has a rich diversity of environments that includes a big diversity of organisms adapted to different habitats. This biological richness contrasts with deep human presence. With the aim of harmonize between the natural values and its exploitation by the human population, and thanks to its own population, the Catalan Goverment formed the Parc Natural del Delta de l’Ebre in 1983.
El Ayuntamiento de Amposta, uno de los municipios del Delta del Ebro realiza una apuesta decidida por el turismo de calidad. Y entre sus ejes de actuación destaca el impulso que da al turismo ornitológioco. mte_sense_fonsThe Museum opened in 2011 after the renovation of the Montsià District Museum is a major cultural institutions of the territory by the funds meets, for services rendered and by all public activities, technical and research organized weekly. The Museum becomes a public platform for the dissemination and management of heritage and, at the same time, a center of cultural production to serve the citizens of the Terres de l’Ebre and those visiting the southern regions of Catalonia.
terres_ebreThe natural singularity of the Terres de l’Ebre comes defined by a confluence in the same territory of the Mediterranean sea, the river and the Ports Mountains. This three elements join together a surprising variety of landscapes and ecosystems with high environmental value. seoSEO/BirdLife (Sociedad Española de Ornitología) is the pioneer organization in nature and biodiversity conservation in Spain. Founded in 1954 with the aim of preserve wild birds and their habitat, its territorial establishment is based in their partners enthusiasm (12.000 nowadays), that support their work and collaborates disinterestedly in a lot of activities.