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_MG_0386The Wildlife Recovery Centre of Canal Vell, is a facility inside the Ebro Delta Natural Park and has the aim of recover injured or vulnerable wild animals.

In the last years, they have received around 500 animals, many of which are birds. Many of these birds arrive to the centre in a very bad state, so a veterinary team take care of them and try to give back them to the wildlife. Even so, not all the recovered birds have the possibility of surviving in wildlife, that’s why some of them rest in the centre with educational purposes.

On Sunday the 24th, during Delta Birding Festival, some of these birds will be returned to nature. They are some species that were moved to the centre because of their inability of living in the wild, but now, thanks to the Centre team work, they are prepared to live free. The Agents Rurals will cooperate during the activity explaining the excellent task this and other centers in Catalonia are doing.

Author: Ricard Losarcos