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eloisaWe usually use photos or illustrations with trying to know a little more about birds, but we often forget a very important part that any ornithologist must have in mind when he goes to field: bird sounds. This discipline is commonly known as the hardest one of ornithology, because identify bird sounds is a very difficult art for beginners.

Lucky us, at DBF we will have Eloïsa Matheu, expert in bird sounds, that created in 1992 the record label Alosa, in order to publish sound guides of the birds of Spain. On Saturday, Eloïsa will talk about the bird sounds in Ebro Delta, Collserola and India. In addition, at the afternoon, she will make a field tour open to everybody in the Embut area (space managed by Aquambiente), where participants will be able to practice what they’ve learned.

In addition, as a novelty this year, she will make an exclusive short tour for only 12 people on Sunday at 7 am. Olympus will lend some recording material and Eloisa will provide her huge knowledge to introduce participants in the fascinating world of bird sound recording. The tour will end with a class session where all the participants will bring their recordings together and everything they’ve learned. Be careful, it can be really addictive!

Author: canvis2016