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Lassi Rautiainen is Finland’s pioneer of phototourism and hide photography. His first photos of wild bears, in 1978, were a big novelty at that time but he did not stop there and turned to photograph the unknown wolverine and packs of wolves in the most remote areas of Finland. Little by little, an increasing number of photographers from all over the world, starting with his neighbours from Sweden and Norway, became interested in photographing these impressive wild carnivores.

Thanks mainly to Lassi, Finland now has a very well defined legal frame in the organization of wildlife safaris, the use of legal baits for photography and he has been tremendously active in the ban of bear hunting in many sensitive places in Finland. Going beyond borders, his advice and his experience have reached Sweden, Russia, Estonia and Germany to develop their own strategy of fototourism of big predators in a sensitive manner and without negative effects on wildlife.

In the DBF we will see his extraordinary images and we will take advantage from his long time experience in the field of large wildlife photography.

Author: Ricard Losarcos