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Throwing litter on nature, “basuraleza” in Spanish, is one of the biggest environmental problems this days. The Libera Project, driven by SEO/BirdLife and supported by Ecoembes is one of the biggest initiatives that are going on in our country to fight against this threat and to contribute to conservation and improve the natural heritage. During the festival, Jose Luis Gallego, the famous media, talk us about the project.

It is a project that is promoting one of the biggest citizen mobilisation in environmental favour. A transversal action proposal and open to everybody where thousands of citizens have already joint.

More than 11000 volunteers, 500 collection spots, 300 groups implicated, 50 projects of recovering and restoring natural spaces have been sponsored. 15 scientific alliances set in motion, more than 100 tons of litter retired from the field by hand, 45.000 objects analysed and identified. There is a lot to do, it is true, but we are going on the right way.


Author: Ricard Losarcos