How to Use Quotes in Essays

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How to Use Quotes in Essays

During essay writing, sometimes a writer can use the exact words as stated by the author. The use of direct quotes is important when you believe that changing the quotation would compromise the effectiveness of the author’s words. However, when you change the original words of your quotation, you have to point out that you did it. Quotations are commonly used in humanity essays to support the topic. If you want to produce a professional essay, you can use the following tips on how to use quotations in the essay.

Provide Background for Every Quotation

As a writer, you are not supposed to depend on quotations to give the story for you. To explain this, you are supposed to explain the context of where, and when the used quotation was written or spoken. Also, while using a quotation in an essay, you have to explain why the quotation was used.

Point Every Quotation to its Source

Many of the writers tend to use the terms ‘’he or she said” however, it is important while using a certain quotation to provide the readers with the names of the authors. For instance, ‘’Martin Luther suggested that….” Also, you can avoid using the word ‘said’ too often and choose to utilize terms like, proclaim, declare, predict or even state.

Explain the Importance of the Quotation

The readers require an explanation of why your quotation is important in your essay. Therefore, once you have used a quotation together with its attribution and context, you need to give more assessment of your quotation and its effectiveness on your topic.

Utilize Editing Symbol for Long Quotation

When using quotations, you generally require to be more concise and only use the relevant materials for your topic. However, if you want to use a long quotation in the middle of a sentence, you have to change a little bit of the words in the quote. This can be achieved by using editing symbol (…) which shows that you have eliminated some words that the author said.

Provide Citation for Your Quotation

Just like any other phrases, quotations requires citation to reflect where exactly you derived that information from. The citation can be formatted according to your paper’s writing style which includes the APA or MLA styles.




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