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One of the main objectives of the Delta Birding Festival has been, since its inception, to obtain funds to finance conservation and research projects for the benefit of birds and their habitats. Until this edition, the choice of the project to which these funds were granted corresponded to the Organizing Committee of the Festival, but from this year onwards the election will be made by the visitors themselves.

In the pack that will be delivered at the entrance you will find more information about these four projects and the ballot so that you can vote on which of the projects you want to allocate the funds collected during this edition of the Festival.

In addition, for voting and answering the survey, you can win the following prizes:

1stprize:  HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. Vol.1 + Vol.2

2ndprize: Diurnal butterfly field guide of Catalonia + a field guide to choose (Lynx & BirdLife International Field Guides)

3rdprize: a field guide to choose (Lynx & BirdLife International Field Guides)

Each project will have a public session to expose their content (Saturday 21 at 11 am in tent 3) and on Sunday September 22 the winning project will be announced within the closing ceremony of the Festival.

Author: Ricard Losarcos