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Ornitho panoramicaAre a 2.300€ pair of binoculars a good motivation to go out birding? Clearly, birders don’t need to be given away anything to go to the field and for many of us neither is introducing our observations in Ornitho but the truth is that a pair of SWAROVSKI EL 10 x 42  binoculars is a good reason not to forget doing it.


September 1st is the starting signal to join the Race Ornitho-Swarovski. By inputting a complete list a day in Ornitho you will enter a draw that will take place on Festival’s Sunday in which you can win the SWAROVSKI. The more days you’ve entered a complete list, the more options you are going to have to be the winner. It’s like buying a lottery ticket every day! Don’t get discouraged if you can only enter complete lists some days, you also have the chance to win.


So, get ready. September 1st is close. Try to enter 19 complete lists to maximize your chances and participate in Ornitho, the project of the Catalan Ornithological Institute that has won the Best Citizen Science Project prize awarded by the magazine El Temps in 2015 and that stores the astonishing quantity of half a million bird observations a year.


Author: canvis