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ShirihaiDid you ever thought what it takes to take a photo of a rare bird in the forest of Colombia? Or get to the only remote island of the world where you can photograph a particular Albatross? Then you know that what Hadoram Shirihai is intending to do is the most monumental photographic challenge that any human has ever undertaken: to photograph all the birds of the world!

In his talk “Beyond Bird Photography: a quest to document them all“, the author will present in DBF16 what he is doing in this particular challenge, never undertaken before as a one-man project. No doubt, a passionate -and obsessed- birder like Shirihai is one of the few persons in the world that would be able to start such an enterprise.

He will talk about how he photographed 10 particularly scarce species, some of them new to science just for one decade. The difficulties to get them were varied: scientific, logistical, technical, photographical, meteorological…

Join us and… just enjoy how big ornithology can get!

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