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Green Birding‘s aim is to for birders to enjoy every aspect of birding without recourse to fossil fuel transport. As the world becomes more aware of climate destruction it is vital that we all do what we can to prevent future problems and protect the birds we love.

This year, at the Delta Birding Festival, we’ll have the chance to enjoy a talk by two of the most well known European Green Birders: Ponç Feliu and Gary Prescott.

Gary Prescott is an expert birder and last year became the World Green Birding year list champion. He will get to the DBF having only used public transportation and bike from his home in England and will get back the same way

Ponç Feliu has the ‘purest’ European Green Birding year list record and he will explain how it feels doing a Green Big Year.

Additionally, if you like the idea of greenbirding, you can become a greenbirder with two luxurious guides, Ponç Feliu and Gary Prescott.

In the activity of “Greenbirding”, we’ll do a circular route of about 17 km on an electric bicycle around the lagoon of La Tancada, visiting all the viewpoints and strategic points for the observation of the birds. We’ll use Deltacletes, the electric bicycle of the Delta that allows us to cover the entire route without any effort.

The activity includes electric bicycles, bunkers to carry photographic material, binoculars, cases, insurance, and guides.

Don’t miss out and get your ticket!

Author: Ricard Losarcos