The most important brands of the sector present their novelties and range of products.
The stand of optics manufacturers are placed so that visitors have a straight vision of the birds of the Tancada lagoon and the environments so that they can test binoculars and telescopes in real field conditions.


Exhibitor Description
SWAROVSKI OPTIK – ESTELLER S.L. J. Esteller, SL runs the distribution in Spain and Portugal of several prestigious international brands as SWAROVSKI OPTIK – a reference on sports optics – LEATHERMAN, MAGLITE or NALGENE.
NIKON Leader Company in photography and sports optics delivering the very best technology on photo cameras, binoculars, field scopes and rangefinders.
DISEFOTO Disefoto distributes in Spain photography and bird observation equipment of MANFROTTO, GITZO, KITE OPTICS, LEICA y PHOTTIX, among others.
VORTEX Vortex is a leading brand on Sports Optics with a wide range of products to fit all different levels of quality. Thanks to our VIP warranty if you ever have a problem, no matter the cause, we promise to take care of your VORTEX equipment.
ZEISS – EXCOPESA Zeiss – Excopesa offers to the expert birdwatcher and to anybody who likes nature and outdoor activity, the best optic technology products like binoculars and fieldscopes.
BUSHNELL Sports optics and outdoor products: binoculars, field scopes, trail cameras, GPS and Imageview (Binouclars + photo).
DUGOPA S.A. (KOWA- GIOTTOS) Dugopa is an importer and distributor of photographic products from world leading companies. At his stand will show KOWA binoculars and telescopes and GIOTTOS tripods.
OPTICRON Binoculars, monoculars, fieldscopes, tripods, tele-photography and digiscoping equipment. The spirit of the company is to offer the best option to the nature lovers, no matter what age, budget or experience, delivering the best combination in quality and value for money along with an exceptional customer service.
DIGISCOPING ADAPTERS Company devoted to the design and production of many adaptors for photography for more than 20 years. We are specialized in different photography techniques like Digiscoping and High Speed Photography. We deal with the most important brands like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Zeiss, Swarovski, Leica, Kowa and many others. We do complete kits of photography and digiscoping.
VANGUARD Vanguard is an international company who produces photographic accessories and observation products with more than 30 years of experience, developing quality products and all levels for the consumers.
STEINER – TAMRON Objectives, binoculars and other accessories for nature photography and wildlife observation. Tamron, Steiner, Peli, Cotton Carrier and Metz will be the different brands displayed at the stand.
PENTAX – SIGMA Reflecta distributed in Spain outdoor photographic and bird watching equipment of the brands PENTAX and SIGMA. Visitors to the booth can try binoculars, scopes, DSLRs, and compact Pentax cameras, in addition of Sigma lenses for digital SLR cameras.
ORYX At the Nature Lover’s shop, we share your interest and we offer you the expert advice on the best range of binoculars and telescopes. At the stand of ORYX, you will find all the models exhibited at the optics marquee along with complements for photography and digiscoping, special supports, cases and lanyards, etc…



ORYX, the largest natural history book store of our country, prepares a very wide representation of books from all naturalistic specialties. There are also stands from specialized editors of bird and nature books.


Exhibitor Description
LYNX Presentation of the first volume of the “HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World”. Demonstration of the HBW Alive, a new resource on Ornithology in Internet that contains the up to date information of the Handbook of the Birds of the World (HBW), the big encyclopedia on the birds of the world: they will show the numerous tools destined to facilitate the immediate access to the information and also to adapt it to the preferences of the users. In addition to a complete selection of other books published by Lynx Editions: the Handbooks of birds and of mammals (HBW and HMW), identification guides and monographs among other books.
ORYX At the Nature Lover’s shop, we share your interest and we offer you the expert advice on more than 15.000 books of natural history that you can ask for through our web. At the festival, we will show an extensive selection of titles on Ornithology and other Nature specialties to browse and enjoy discounts and special offers!
GRUP DE RECERCA CIENTÍFICA TERRES DE L’EBRE The Scientific Research Group “Terres de l’Ebre” is formed by a group of people who, by training or hobby, interested in the study of nature in general and the massif of the Port, in particular. Teachers, biologists, farmers, pharmacists, carpenters … from all areas you can work in and knowledge of the environment around us.
At its booth, you can also find their publications:
“Plantes del Port II”, “Plantes del Port III”, “Roques del Port”, “Estrelletes de Mig Camí”, “Bolets del Port”, “Aus del Port”,…



At the ORYX stand, two of the most important European manufacturers have special prominence.


Exhibitor Description
JACOBI JAYNE Discover the non-stop innovation in bird care from JACOBI JAYNE. Bird feeders easy to disassemble and clean, different models for different type of foods or for hanging on branches, on a window or to a wall, as well as many complements. Moreover, the new nest boxes on pinewood, with an excellent design and building quality!
SCHWEGLER The Woodcrete nest boxes are literally built to last a lifetime and are the most recommended for the bird care professionals the world over as no more reassuring choice for wildlife lovers who value heritage and sheer performance. The woodcrete is a super thought blend of wood fiber, clay and cement that insulates birds from extreme temperatures. In addition, defeats predators like woodpeckers and squirrels that can make short work pf flimsier boxes and their occupants.
GRANA Food for birds especially selected and blend to be the most attractive for the visitors of our birdfeeders its, robins, goldfinches, sparrows and many more will enjoy a an excellent food source during the months of autumn and winter in the birdfeeders of our garden. Also dehydrated worms, special food for hedgehogs, suet balls and cakes…
GARDEN BIRDS Company of distribution of nest boxes and feeders for garden birds and dedicated to advice on biological pest control and biodiversity.



Interesting accessories for birders, nature photographers, nature trips, butterfly specialists, mushroom seekers…
Photo-trapping cameras, sound players, ultrasound detectors, adaptors for digiscoping, rucksacks, hides, butterfly nets, ringing equipment…


Exhibitor Description
ORYX At the Nature Lover’s shop, we share your interest and we offer you the expert advice on a wide range of products of equipment for the naturalist. At the stand of ORYX, you will find recording systems of birds, ringers’ equipment, bat detectors, trail cameras, camouflage nets and hides, field magnifiers, digiscoping adapters, and many more.



Companies and professionals specialized in services such as guided tours, nature trips, hides for photographers, specialized rural accommodation, theme web sites, magazines…

Exhibitor Description
PHOTO LOGISTICS Photo Logistics is a company of services to the nature photographer. With his more than 60 hides distributed to all Spain offers the option to photograph some of the most emblematic species of Southern Europe. We approach the rural development and the conservation of the habitats and the species like parts of the same process.
WILD WATCHING SPAIN WILDWATCHING SPAIN (WWS) is a travel agency specializing in tourism observe and photograph wildlife and nature in general with exclusive activities throughout Spain and a growing number of international destinations. WWS offers activities such as observation and photography of grouse in the Vall d’Aran (Lleida), observation of wolf and brown bear in the Cantabrian Mountains and lynx in the Sierra Morena. It also has reservations photographic Picos de Europa and the Wet Spot (Taray lagoon-Toledo)
NATURAPROP Such is the nature closely. Do you want to experience it?
Three good neighbors from diverse backgrounds but a shared passion for nature and wildlife. We live in the countryside, closely related to the people of the land, farmers and owners of rural tourism; we have begun to establish a small network of observatories in our immediate, comfortable, original and ideal for observing nature in all tranquility. This allows us to bring the public without disturbing wildlife, giving benefit to the rich natural heritage that surrounds us.
EXTREMADURA Extremadura, is a region rich in nature and wildlife. It is a popular destination for birdwatching due to its wide range of habitats, from the high mountains of the Gredos to the plains of La Serena or Cáceres and Trujillo, and its strategic geographical situation within the migratory routes of many birds. This part of Spain is unforgettable thanks to its flora, fauna, culture and delicious cuisine. Visit our stand and let us tell you more about the region.
Look for the Birding in Extremadura Club Partners to experience birding at its best.
ANDALUSIAN WILDERNESS Group of ecotourism companies fro wildlife watchers, botanists and geologists in Andalucía. You will find information about excursions, itineraries, lodging and events.
NAT MALLORCA Umbrella of ecotourism companies in the Balearic Islands. Information on companies and of public and private initiatives of promotion of the ecotourism.
QUERCUS Monthly magazine dedicated to the study, observation and defense of nature. Founded in 1981, is about to turn 33 years of existence. A reference in the environmental media sector.
MUSEU DE LES TERRES DE L’EBRE The Museum opened in 2011 after the renovation of the Montsià District Museum is a major cultural institutions of the territory by the funds meets-the collections of archeology, ethnology and nature-for services rendered -SET (Education and Travel Services), SAM (Service to Museums), Multimedia Space, media library, etc., and by all public activities, technical and research organized weekly.  The Museum and SAM become a public platform for the dissemination and management of heritage and, at the same time, a center of cultural production to serve the citizens of the Terres de l’Ebre and those visiting the southern regions of Catalonia.
FOCUS ON MEDITERRANEAN WILDLIFE Focus on Wildlife Mediterranean is a company dedicated to providing resources for photographers nature so they can get pictures of the most emblematic species of Mediterranean habitats. All the facilities we work with are linked to conservation projects habitats or species.
LA SABINA Sabina provides guidance and hides to photograph birds. The services are sold together, thus tying wildlife photography rural development and the perception of birds as a potential asset that adds to the territory.
AHERCA Live a unique experience, observes the Iberian wolf in total freedom, learn to follow his trail, he meets the people who live with him, the towns through which abounds, enjoy a sunrise and sunset in a unique location in the heart of the Sierra de la Culebra… see you in the Sierra! On the trail of the wolf….



The organizers of the Festival and the institutional sponsors are present in the festival to explain their activities and objectives to the public. Other organizations and institutions related to nature are also present to show what they are doing.