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Helena Tauler 4Helena Tauler is an investigator who is writing her PhD thesis analyzing a subject that she knows well since long ago: the population increase of the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in Catalonia. In cooperation with the Conservation Biology Team of the University of Barcelona and the Osona Naturalist Group, she started to study the demographic and environmental factors that were influencing the increase of this species in Central and Eastern Catalonia. Gathering historical data starting in 1988 and with the collaboration of other observers in 2012 she started an intensive monitoring project to locate breeding pairs, ring more than 100 chicks with colour rings that can be read at distance and take samples of feathers, blood and food items in the nests.

With all this information, they are making a viability analysis of the population, studying the diet of the species, the influence of garbage tips and the presence of pollutants in blood. In addition, they are collecting reports of ringed birds to map their movements.

In her talk, Helena Tauler will detail the results of her work, which tries to explain the reasons of the population increase of Egyptian Vultures in Catalonia, in contrast with the situation in the rest of Iberia where the species is declining.

Author: Ricard Losarcos