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This year at the Delta Birding Festival we’ll have the chance to attend the Ecoembes conference cycle in which several experts will explain us about the impact caused by abandoned rubbish in natural spaces and their possible solutions.

First, Miguel Muñoz from the Libera – SEO / Birdlife project, will explain us the how to assess the impact of rubbish in important areas for bird and biodiversity conservation (IBAs).

On the other hand, Xavi Abril of the Delta del Ebro Natural Park will show us the actions that are carried out at the local level to reduce garbage and will reveal the first conclusions of the sampling at the Serrrallo beach during the Marine Litter Watch Month.

Finally, at international level, we will have the presence of ecologist Nina O’Hanlon of the University of Highlands who will explain the problems caused by plastics in birds, especially in seabirds.

Author: Ricard Losarcos