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This edition of the Delta Birding Festival will gather renowned artists who not only will give us talks or participate in events but who will also make a contribution to this year’s conservation project. Each of them, Killian Mullarney, Blanca Martí, Ian Lewington, Martí Franch and Toni Llobet, will paint a Turtle Dove, each with their own style and materials and will donate the painting for a raffle in the Festival.

You can buy tickets at several points of the Festival so as to get your chances to be one of the five guys who will be lucky enough to get any of the original drawings. Tickets are sold at 3€ each and the drawing will be held on Sunday at Marquee 1 jointly with the prize ceremony of the ORNITHO-SWAROVSKI RACE Contest.

The money from ticket sales will be set aside for the conservation project that the Festival is sponsoring this year, which is a study of the Turtle Dove using satellite technology to figure out its migration routes and other details of the biology of this bird, whose populations are declining all along its distribution range.

We are extremely grateful to the artists for the donation of their works of art!

Author: Ricard Losarcos