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As we transform our environment, we cannot avoid eliminating many key elements for some birds, such as nesting sites; hollows, trees, shrubs or old buildings that used to be a refuge and nesting site. This lack is more accentuated in urban areas, where birds are forced to compete for the few remaining shelters.

With the collaboration of SEO/Birdlife, this workshop aims to teach the construction and placement of nest boxes with recycled material that favors birds to find a nesting place, reproduce and thus favor the biodiversity of the place.

The presence of SEO / Birdlife at the festival goes beyond the workshops. They will also be present at the conferences. On the one hand, Ana Carricondo will explain to us the challenges and achievements that the entity has had over 65 years. And on the other, Blas Molina, will explain to us the exhaustive review to obtain the list of birds of Spain 2019.

Author: Ricard Losarcos