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7g5a5543There have been more than 2000 people that have visited the festival, so they consolidate it as the international ornithological referent of Southern Mediterranean.

The atmosphere of these three days has been amazing, almost all the 100 activities programmed have been full of participation, a big success!

We want to especially thank to the European speakers that made us enjoy their interesting presentations. One of the most special moments of the festival was the nomination of Lars Svensson as honorary Member of Ornithological Catalan Institute, one of the organizers of the event.

We want to give thanks too to the 50 expositors that held on the stormy weather of the first day, but were very happy to show their products and services the other days to a interested and enthusiastic public.

Our recognition goes too to ICO’s guides, maintenance and dinamization staff of MónNatura Delta facilities, headquarter of the festival, they made a hard and magnificent work. Another special recognition is for the almost 40 volunteers that have collaborated with the festival.

And last but not least, we want to thank the support of the institutions and companies that have sponsored activities and events of the festival.

This year (and that’s the third!) we can say that bird conservation has win again!
See you next year!

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