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DBF PHOTO CONTESTPhotography contest
Photography contest in which we invite all photographers, both amateur and professional, to participate to promote the beauty of birds and nature around us through their images. The contest theme is “Wild birds and nature” and accepts photographs of birds in the wild anywhere in the world. In the selection of exhibited and awarded photographs we will take in account particularly the originality, technical and artistic quality and the difficulty of the images, and also the capacity to communicate to the viewer the necessity to preserve wildlife, not only by itself, but also because of its importance for the survival of humankind and the planet we live in.


  • BIRDS – PORTRAIT: Images that reveal the personality of an individual or group of individuals, so that elicit some kind of emotional reaction or reflection in the viewer.
  • BIRDS – BEHAVIOUR: Images of a characteristic behaviour of the species that is not easy to observe and that is visually attractive of spectacular.
  • BIRDS AND THEIR SURROUNDINGS: Images that recall the atmosphere and relationship of the birds and the place where they are, with the habitat as an important element of the image, that allows to transmit that wild birds are an integral part of the surroundings where they live, which very often is the one we have to preserve to guarantee the continuity of the species.
  • **BIRDS OF THE EBRO DELTA: Images of any of the above categories but that have been taken in the Ebro Delta.

Finalist photographs will be exhibited in Room 3 of MónNatura Delta throughout the Festival. Very interesting PRIZES are waiting for you! Check the WINNERS!

Saturday 14:00 – 14:30 Marquee 1 3rd September 2017

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curs sw optik

Contest rules

RACE ORNITHO SWAROVSKI OPTIKContest of Ornitho checklists
Race to enter as much bird checklists as possible in Ornitho.cat. You have time up to Saturday night to enter them. The more days you have with one checklist the more options you have to be the winner.A pair of SWAROVSKI EL 10×42 binoculars can be yours!
Sunday 14:00 – 14:30 Marquee 1 23rd September 2017

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Lynx ID Challenge -4

Contest rules

Contest to drive your ID skills to the limit with images and sounds displayed simultaneously. A real challenge to the most courageous birders!A great PRIZE is waiting for you! WHEN? Saturday, 20:00 Marquee 1

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dbf_birdsContest rules

DBF BIRDSIdentification of a series of birds of the Delta
When you get to MNDE we have prepared a list of birds for and if you want to participate and win the prize, you’ll have to take a full tour around the Festival stands and facilities and make a list of the birds you find, noting down the place where they are. They can be pictures, teddy bears, models or whatever item can represent a bird.A draw will decide who the winner is among all correct submissions. Check the PRIZE!

WHERE DO I NEED TO HAND OVER THE FORM?:In the box at the reception of MNDE

WHEN IS THE DRAW?  The following week after the Festival and it will be comunicated directly to the winner.

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Contest rules

THE SECRET LIVE OF WILD ANIMALS – Phototrapping contest
A contest with the best pictures and videos taken with phototrapping cameras. You can send them out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email. There will be one prize awarded by a jury and one more prize that will be decided by the public according to the picture or video that gets more likes on the network.
Saturday 10:30 – 11:15 Marquee 2 30th August 2017