One of the aims of the Delta Birding Festival is to collect money to research and conservation projects. In the last year, thanks to the ticket selling and the implication of the visitors, we have collected more than 20.000€ and give them to projects like the European Breeding Bird Atlas or the studies of the European turtle dove, among others. Until now, the organization of the DBF decided which project would win the money. From 2019 edition on, the visitors of the festival will be the ones that decide which is the winner project. With this novelty, we want to implicate even more the visitors of the festival, making them part of the project itself and promote the presented projects.


The projects presented to the call must be dedicated to one of the next key areas of nature conservation:

  • Scientific studies about the ecology or the biology of threaten bird species, declining species or species with not enough information to know what its conservation status is.
  •  Specific conservation projects of threaten bird species or declining species.
  • Projects and studies about problems that affect birds or their habitats.

The Delta Birding Festival Organization Committee has chosen 4 projects.


You can check the details of the selected projectes HERE

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The finalists will have time to explain their projects in a conference (saturday 21st at 11:00 a.m. at Marquee 3)

The organization will give information to the visitors of all the finalist projects with instructions to choose the winner.

On September the 22nd, we will know the name of the winner.

The amount of the prize will vary depending on the tickets selling and the implication of the visitors, but the Organization Committee will guarantee at least 2000€.

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