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The talks from our speakers are all superb but often you feel you are curious about those things or opinions that don’t come out in a, let’s say, official talk. That’s why we have the Agora where we will interview Neil Retting and Laura Johnson about their work with the Philippine Eagle and their worldwide campaign to save endangered species all around the world. The Agora is also the place to discuss some hot issues that can’t be synthesized in a lecture; for example, our guest artists, Killian Mullarney, Ian Lewington and Blanca Martí, will talk with Catalan artists Martí Franch and Toni Llobet about the future of nature illustration, which has changed –and is changing- considerably in the digital world.

The Delta Birding Festival is a meeting point for traveler birders. We’ve had talks about birds from all over the world and we would like to find out what drives birders to go to the remotest places in the world to search for the rarest birds or make the longest possible lists. Are they collectors? Are they working for science? Are they tourists looking for emotions? This will be the subject which three globetrotters –Mark van Beirs, Daniel López-Velasco and Josep del Hoyo– will talk about, moderated by Quercus magazine director, Rafael Serra.

Here, in the Agora, you have the opportunity to listen to their opinions and points of view. Check the schedule and don’t miss those chats out!

Author: Ricard Losarcos